Wheel Wiring - Project Honda CRF230F - Part 7.1

Dec. 01, 2005 By Rick Sieman
Part 1 Uncorking the CRF
Part 2 Works Performance Rear Suspension
Part 3 BBR Exhaust
Part 4 Sidewinder Chain and Gearing
Part 5 Notes & Maintenance
Part 6 Installing a Battery Tender
Part 7 Tire Swaps and Wheel Wiring
Part 8 Front End Fix - Solving the Weak
Part 9 Questions, Feedback and What We've Learned about the Forks
Part 10 Eliminating The Key & And More Comments From Owners
Part 11 Questions, Answers and Work on the Forks
Part 12 Finally, We Get The Forks Done!

To wire the wheels, you'll need some sidecutters, non-rusting wire and a good pair of locking pliers.

Cut about three inches of wire and double loop it around the cross-section of the spokes.

Using the locking pliers, twist the wire tightly around.

Here's what the twisted wire should look like at this point.

Snip the excess wire off with the sidecutters.

After the wire has been trimmed, fold the leftover down to the spokes.
Completed wheel. The spokes are now a whole bunch stronger.

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