Maxxis Tire Swap - Project Honda CRF230F - Part 7.2

Dec. 01, 2005 By Rick Sieman
Part 1 Uncorking the CRF
Part 2 Works Performance Rear Suspension
Part 3 BBR Exhaust
Part 4 Sidewinder Chain and Gearing
Part 5 Notes & Maintenance
Part 6 Installing a Battery Tender
Part 7 Tire Swaps and Wheel Wiring
Part 8 Front End Fix - Solving the Weak
Part 9 Questions, Feedback and What We've Learned about the Forks
Part 10 Eliminating The Key & And More Comments From Owners
Part 11 Questions, Answers and Work on the Forks
Part 12 Finally, We Get The Forks Done!

Get the 230 up on a stand where both wheels are clear of the ground.

Here are the new Maxxis tires we chose.

Here's the stock front Pirelli.

The rear tire is a 100 - 100 x 18.

Use a 10 mm socket to loosen the front axle clamp.

A 17 mm wrench spins the front axle loose.

Slide the axle free.

Remove the front wheel, taking care not to lose the spacers.

After removing the brake rod nut, loosen the rear axle with a 24 mm wrench.

Use a 17 mm wrench to keep the axle from spinning.

Remove the rear axle, taking care not to lose the adjusters or the spacers.

The rear wheel can now be removed by working the chain off first.

Compare the rear tires; the stocker is on the right.

The front tire installed.
Rear Maxxis installed.

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