Review: Alpinestars Tech 7 Boot

Oct. 23, 2008 By Stephen Clark
For the last eight years I have worn a pair of Alpinestars Tech 6 boots and they have been absolutely brilliant. I honestly can’t say enough good about these old boots, where I have replaced many machines and every other part of my kit these boots have stayed with me for the long haul. They have stayed mainly because they just work so well and were not worn to the point that they replacement was absolutely necessary. But all good things come to an end and this season a small rip developed on the inside of the outer panel. The boots are not dead by any means, but I figured it was time the trusty old Tech 6’s were replaced with some fresh boots.

After having such a favorable experience with Alpinestars boots in the past there was little incentive to try another brand. Looking through the vast Alpinestars range there is a boot for almost every type of rider; from kids and women’s boots, to recreational boots all the way up to the flagship Tech 10 boot worn by the top ATV and MX stars.

What I needed was a boot that would be comfortable, offer good protection, be easy to put on, and most importantly last for a long time. I decided on the Tech 7 boot because it is the most similar to my old Tech 6 boots they will replace. The Tech 7 fits into the Alpinestars range just below the Tech 8 and Tech 10 boots. The reason I didn’t go for a higher end boot is mainly just because it would be a bit overkill. And as much as I may like to think that I am a racer, the truth is that I am primarily a recreational rider. And the higher spec boots have some features that are inconvenient unless you really need them. The Tech 10 boot has an inner bootie for more support this is great if you really need this support but it makes the boot a little tougher to put on. So after some studying of the product line on the Alpinestars line the Tech 7’s were decided on and promptly ordered.

alpine star tech 7 bootWhen the boots arrived I was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship and how good they looked in white and grey. The construction of the boot was very different from my old Tech 6’s - where the Tech 6’s had a stiff leather exterior with some plastic panels, the new Tech 7’s feature more plastic on top of a leather base.

The design and build of the boots is very impressive with different materials used on different sections of the boot each material and location obviously careful picked for the best fit, protection and longevity.

The boots were easy to put on and surprisingly comfortable for a new boot. The Tech 7’s also don’t seem to require any break-in, which in my opinion is worth a ton. As anyone who has broken in a set of old leather MX boots will testify. Breaking in boots really sucks!

alpine star tech 7 boot backI am sure the reason these boots work so well straight out of the box is because of the way they are constructed using different materials. It makes a lot of sense really - why build a section of the boot that needs to flex using a material that is not designed to flex? A much better alternative and the one which Alpinestars has taken is to build a boot that uses materials with the correct characteristics in the correct places.

alpine star tech 7 boot bottomSo far I am very impressed with the fit and performance of Tech 7 boots and have been pleasantly surprised with the design. As one of the leaders in motorsports footwear, Alpinestars has obviously invested heavily in research and development. Its great to see companies working to make our riding experiences safer and more enjoyable. After all the gear you wear can play a huge part in how enjoyable your day of riding will be.And especially with protective items like boots and helmets can make the difference between a bruise and a broken bone. As for longevity the boots are holding up very well so far, and hopefully they will last as long as the last pair of Alpinestars I owned.


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